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Beware of New Tax Scams: IRS Releases Warning to Taxpayers

Scam artists are continuously thinking of new ways to target hundreds of thousands of people, often using scare tactics. The IRS has recently released a warning to taxpayers to watch out for scam artists. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is aware of nearly 4,000 people who have reported over $20 million in losses because of tax scams. Click here to learn more about the IRS's warning and understand what the IRS will never do or demand from a taxpayer.

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Michigan Supreme Court Clarifies Use Tax Exemption Apportionment Rules

On July 22, the Michigan Supreme Court decided Detroit Edison Company v. Department of Treasury, holding that the Michigan Use Tax apportionment rules apply in situations where property is simultaneously used for exempt and non-exempt purposes. The claim was initiated by Detroit Edison Company ("DTE") in response to a use tax audit by the Department of Treasury. The audit determined that DTE wrongly claimed an exemption from use tax for property used outside of its plant (transformers, fuses, circuit breakers, etc.), resulting in a deficiency assessment of over $13 million plus interest.  Read More ›

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