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Michigan Passes New “Amazon Tax” Law Requiring Internet Sales Tax Collection

Online shopping continues to increase in popularity. But it's not just the convenience of having a package arrive at one's doorstep without having to trudge to the mall that many shoppers prefer. Some online retailers do not collect sales tax on purchases, meaning that online shoppers in Michigan have historically been able to avoid paying Michigan's 6 percent sales tax - which Michigan bricks and mortar retailers are required to collect at the time of purchase. That's not to say that online purchases are tax free, as Michigan residents are obligated to report online purchases on their tax returns and pay 6 percent use tax. But most taxpayers ignore - or are not even aware of - this obligation.

Michigan retailers have long lamented what they perceive as an un-level playing field in their battle with online retailers, and the state government estimates that hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue is not collected every year on online purchases. If a recently passed law has its intended effect, sales tax collections on online purchases should experience a surge. Read More ›

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Do You Need More Time For Your Taxes?

The April 15 deadline to file taxes is almost here. Are you concerned about meeting the deadline? The IRS released an article titled "Five Things to Know if You Need More Time to File Your Taxes." The article was released on April 13, 2015.

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IRS Releases Tax Tips for Farmers

It's tax time, and the deadline to file is quickly approaching. If you have yet to file, be sure to check out the article titled "Ten Tax Tips for Farmers". The article was released by the IRS on March 25. Read the article here.

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